NASA Social #MuralMonday

I love the murals we have here in Cocoa Beach and throughout Brevard County. They brighten a building, enhance a storefront, they can even tell a story. This weeks #MuralMonday is a story or history lesson regarding our space industry.

NASA Launch Control Center Mural

Back in April I was a part of a NASA Social event that gave us access to parts of the Kennedy Space Center not everyone has a chance to see. One of the last buildings we were in was the NASA Control Center. We were only allowed to take photos in the lobby for security reasons. The history of this building is pretty amazing. Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and Shuttle launches were controlled and witnessed from the launch room command center. The view of the launch pads were amazing. Too bad, I was unable to take any pictures to showcase the view. The lobby, we were able to take photos. The walls were lined with plaques of every shuttle launch. There was a replica of the space shuttle. There was also this amazing mural that showcases the history of space flight.

What is a NASA Social? Read a little more about my experience here

Here is the video of what to expect (Including the SpaceX Falcon9 launch of the TESS payload)

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