The ultimate St Patrick’s day car

Ford Mustang Boss 351 1971 St Patricks day car

Today is all about the green. Green shirts, green hats, green hair, and maybe a green beer. What about a green car? If you have ever been to the American Muscle Car Museum in Melbourne, you might have seen this one. The Mustang Boss 351. It was made March 17, 1971 and is truly a St. Patrick’s Day kind of car.

Ford Mustang Boss 351 1971 St Patricks day car (1)

There were 149,682 Mustangs made in 1971. 23,955 had sportsroofs. 1,806 came with the 351-4V Boss engines. 77 of these were painted with Grabber Green Metallic. 3 of these had green cloth/vinyl bucket seats. Only one also had an AM/8 track stereo radio.

This one of a kind Mustang was made on St. Patrick's Day

I love to geek out and read this kind of information. This Mustang is one of many one of a kind cars you will see at the American Muscle Car Museum. Most of the vehicles have information like what was provided on the Mustang. Talking about the total production made or the history of a specific car.

This great facility is located at 3500 Sarno Road in Melbourne Florida. The museum sits on 42-acre lot, is a 123,000 square foot facility that is the home to almost 300 classic American cars from the 1950’s to 1970’s. This amazing collection is owned by Mark Pieloch. If you haven’t been to the facility, you need to go. Unfortunately, it is not opened to the public. Fortunately, Mark is kind enough to host an array of events throughout the year. Please visit their website to see more information about the Museum and upcoming events.

If you ever go, brace yourself for the impact the showroom will have on you. I have had the good fortune to volunteer at several events and love seeing the “Wow” impact and impression that everyone has when they enter the main showroom. The sheer size of the facility, how the showroom is lit, the car-themed music, the nostalgic neon lights on the perimeter, and of course the classic cars all grouped and lined up will give you goosebumps when you enter.

Thank you Mark for sharing your love of cars and collection with us!

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

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