Cocoa Florida-10 things you need to know

Planning a move to Florida and the city of Cocoa keeps popping up on your searches? In this post, we introduce you to the 10 things you need to know about the city of Cocoa and surrounding areas.

1) The city of Cocoa is the 6th largest city in population in Brevard County (Palm Bay, Melbourne, Titusville, Rockledge, and West Melbourne are 1 through 5). The 7th if you include Merritt Island as a city…some of the surrounding areas, Canaveral Groves, Sharpes, and Port St Johns are Cocoa Florida, just outside the city limits. The zip codes for the City of Cocoa and other areas also known as Cocoa per your mailing address are 32922, 32926, and 32927. The population of the city of Cocoa is 20,151, the population of Port St John is 23,940, the population of Sharpes is 3411, and surprisingly, the population for Canaveral Groves is only 272 per the google searches I found…

Map view of the city of Cocoa & unicorporated Cocoa Florida. Port St John, Canaveral Groves, and Sharpes are unincorporated Cocoa Florida
The city of Cocoa and unincorporated Cocoa Florida

2) The city of Cocoa Beach and the city of Cocoa are two entirely different areas. Cocoa is on the mainland with the Indian River as the eastern border, Rockledge to the south, Titusville to the north (unincorporated Cocoa-PSJ), and the St John’s River to the west (again unincorporated Cocoa). The city of Cocoa Beach is a barrier island surrounded by water. The Atlantic Ocean to the East, Banana River to the West, Cape Canaveral to the north, and Patrick Space Force Base to the south. You have to cross the Banana River, go through Merritt Island, and cross the Indian River to get to the city of Cocoa. 

Google maps view of central Brevard County to show that Cocoa Beach and Cocoa Florida are 2 different towns
Cocoa Beach and Cocoa Florida are 2 different cities

3) Cocoa Village and Riverfront Park is a section of the city & Brevard County I recommend everyone visit & check out. Located between the Indian River and US 1 just south of SR 520. The Cocoa Village Playhouse has shows throughout the year and you should treat yourself to one of the productions. Besides the local talent acting and supporting musicians, you are stepping back in time in the historic playhouse. Another slice of history in Cocoa Village is Travis Hardware established in 1885 with the current location built in 1909. Besides being able to get almost everything you would expect from a hardware store, it’s also like going through a working/functional museum too. Other highlights of Cocoa Village are all the shops, restaurants, and bars in this area. Cocoa Village has events, concerts, and street parties throughout the year too.

Space Coast half marathon and full marathon takes place at Cocoa Village. Eric Larkin is pictured holding the race medal
The Space Coast Half Marathon is a Thanksgiving Weekend Tradition that starts and ends at Cocoa Village.

4) There are great parks throughout the Cocoa area. Lee Wenner Park near Cocoa Village has a pavilion, playground, and boat ramp. Provost Park at 520 & Fiske has a ballfield, tennis, and basketball courts. Travis Park behind Eastern Florida State College is a great walking trail. Junny Rios Martinez Park off 524 has a playground and pavilions. Nicole Park and Port St John Boat Ramp are right on the intercoastal river offering playgrounds and pavilions. Fay Park has baseball fields in the middle of PSJ and west of 95 is the Fay Lake Wilderness Park with playgrounds, a dog park, trails, and a place to launch your non-motorized boats. 

Playground at Nichol Park in Port St John Florida on the Indian River.
Nichol Park on the Indian River in Port St John is one of many parks in Cocoa & the Cocoa area.

5) Schools

Always do your research on the schools. and are two good sites to use.

Elementary Schools: Endeavor, Cambridge, Saturn, Fairglen, Challenger 7, Atlantis, and Enterprise

Middle Schools Ronald McNair, Cocoa High and Space Coast are both Jr/Sr

High Schools Cocoa High School and Space Coast Jr/Sr High School. Students could go to Rockledge High if you live south of 520. 

College Eastern Florida State College and UCF have campuses in Cocoa.

Map view of the elementary, middle, & high schools in Cocoa and Port St John.
The schools in Cocoa and Port St John area

6) Getting around Cocoa Florida. Main Roads in Cocoa, PSJ & Canaveral Groves

SR 520 & 528 are the two big roads leading through Cocoa East & West. Other main roads going east & west. Plukabaum, Dixon, Michigan, Canaveral Groves Blvd, Fay Blvd, & Kings Highway are other connectors from the east and west.

The major North to South Connectors through Cocoa are US 1, I-95, Fiske, Clearlake, and Grissom Parkway. One of my favorite roads is River Road which runs on the east side of Cocoa along the Indian River. Range Road, Cox Rd, and Friday Road are also good connectors north to south.

Of course, there are lots of other side roads, those are just the thoroughfares in my opinion.

7) The Brightline train that will connect Miami to Tampa will run right through Cocoa. The tracks turn from 528 runs parallel to the existing train line along US1. The city of Cocoa and Mayor Michael Blake is fighting hard to have the City of Cocoa as the location of a future stop in Brevard County. They are currently battling the city of Melbourne for a future stop. Time will tell which city gets it.

Map of the Brightline trainline that will connect Tampa to Miami.
Brightline Train is coming through Cocoa Florida and Brevard County

8) Property taxes are reasonable throughout Cocoa. If you are inside the city limits, your millage rate is 17.4241. It depends on where you are at in the 32926 & 32927 on what your millage rate is. It can be between 13.1074 & 17.4241

MIlage rate for taxes in the city of Cocoa and the Cocoa area.
Milage Rates for property taxes in the City of Cocoa and the Cocoa area.

9) The location is great. You can be beachside in 20 minutes. You can be at MCO in 40minutes. The Space Center is under 30 minutes. Melbourne Airport is 40 minutes. Patrick is 35 minutes. 

Map view of central Florida showing the approximate travel time to a variety of locations.
some of the major points of interest within an hour of Cocoa Florida

10) Where to live? You have every option of housing available throughout the Cocoa area. In the first half of 2022, home prices from $62K to $2.027M with the median price of $315K.Condos sold between $74K and $1.2M with the median price of $250K. Half duplex/townhouse sales are between $95K and $220K with the median price of $150K. Manufactured homes between $35K and $280K with the median price of $139,900. No sales were noted as a co-op but I know there is at least one manufactured home community in West Cocoa that is a co-op. There are also several 55+ communities in West Cocoa too. You have riverfront homes, you have historic homes, you have large estate homes, and you have homes on multi-acre lots. Penthouse suites overlooking the Indian River. Cocoa has a lot of options for you. Curious to see what’s for sale in Cocoa? 

If you are planning a move to the Space Coast and you are considering the Cocoa area, I hope this helps. If I didn’t answer your question (or created a couple more questions) I am here to help. Simply drop your comment below. 

About the author:

Eric Larkin is a Broker Associate with Real Broker, LLC. He lives, works, and plays in the Cocoa Beach area. If you have questions about moving or relocating to Cocoa Beach and the Space Coast, let me know! I get calls, texts, direct messages & comments on my posts every day about the real estate market and things that are happening in Cocoa Beach and the Space Coast that I love answering. Ask me your questions on moving, relocating here, or anything about the community. I am here to help. I have been helping buyers and sellers with their real estate needs since becoming a real estate agent in 2003. My focus is always on helping, answering your questions, and doing everything possible to make certain you have a smooth transaction from beginning to end.

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