Players Club at Suntree

Wouldn’t it be great to live in a park? Not an amusement park (Disney, Universal, Six Flags, etc) but an actual park. Lots of green space. A lake to relax by. Plenty of oak trees with huge canopies providing shade. Lots of other trees and shrubs. Squirrels scurrying, ospreys perched in the trees, a horned owl hooting in the distance and other birds and wildlife. Things that you see in a park. … More Players Club at Suntree

Market Update 2018.75

So, what does this mean? Is this a bubble, the beginning of a correction, or just a normal slowdown for the fall season? Time will tell if this is the bubble getting ready to pop. There isn’t enough information to say this is the case right now. There are signs from the last 12 months that we are having a correction. … More Market Update 2018.75