Does your Condo association have a plan?

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We all know there are things that should be done to be prepared for either an approaching hurricane or other catastrophes…getting supplies (water, canned goods, batteries, etc)…but what if you are living in a condominium? The supply part is still the same…but what about your condo association? Do they have an emergency plan in place? This is worth connecting with either someone on your association board or with the property management company that is helping keep things in order and see what the plans are.

Assuming the worst, nothing is set up…The condo board should be putting together the emergency plan. Start out with a simple point of contact list that includes the fellow board members, your insurance company, and your list of vendors that does work on the property (roofer, AC tech, window company, elevator company, fire sprinkler company, pool company, lawn/maintenance company, irrigation/sprinkler company, restoration company, general contractor, handyman, etc). You will need to know where the plans are kept for the building, sprinklers, elevators, roof access, etc. If any of these are in locked rooms…where are the keys? Know who is staying local & who is evacuating (or not in town at all). This will help with any coordinating that will need to be done.

This type of plan is important to have in case there is a storm. It can also be essential if there is other emergencies; like a fire, a tree falling and hitting a building, or a water line breaking on an upstairs unit that floods the neighbors on either side and the units directly below. I do not believe you can over prepare for these types of scenarios. I also believe it would be a good idea to speak with a professional in regards to organizing these types of plans. If your association is working with a property manager; hopefully they have a plan outline to help implement. If not (or even if they do) it could be beneficial to contacting a restoration company to see if they provide this kind of preparation service. There are quite a few companies that service Brevard (PuroClean, ServPro, etc) hopefully they can help. I know that Paul Davis Restoration has a system that can help your condo association be prepared for a disaster. They do not charge for putting together an emergency plan, they just ask for a commitment to call them if you do have a catastrophe that needs to be addressed. Besides having someone that will help collect all the information I mentioned above (plus some more), they also have the resources to take care of the clean up. Either equipment and techs that work for them or their business partners they work with on a day to day basis (plumbers, fire sprinkler companies, roofers, tree removal companies, etc). Don’t wait till you have an issue; start a conversation with your condo association and make certain a plan is in place.

If you would like to speak with a Paul Davis Restoration rep; I recommend calling Judy Bova to schedule an appointment to learn more about what can be done to protect your community. Judy can be reached at 321-684-2530.

If your association already has a plan in place and needs some vendors to add to your list; give me a call 321.795.1854 and I will be happy to share my contacts.

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