The Tiny Turtle Mural in Cocoa Beach

That’s right…today is #MuralMonday and I am featuring another #BrevardMural here in Cocoa Beach Florida that is located at one of my favorite Cocoa Beach restaurants;  The Tiny Turtle. To see this work of art; you need to enjoy your meal on their north patio. This work of art was created by the local artist Rick Piper. If you like this mural, you should check out his studio located at 251 Minuteman Causeway (right next door to the Tiny Turtle) OR simply check out his website Tiny Turtle in Cocoa Beach

I actually met Rick when I first started in real estate. My very first listing was a duplex in Cocoa Beach on Cedar Ave in 2003. The owner lived in the front unit and rented the back to Rick. I could see he had talent, I just didn’t realize how much he had at the time. After the property sold, I kept seeing his work pop up all over town. He had pieces on display at Juice N Java. He opened a studio in the Balliwick mall in 2008 (maybe 2009) The first mural I saw of his was in a condo off 8th St.  The owner of the property loved his work so much, he had his living room wall transformed to a tropical beach. He has talent!

If you want to see this turtle up close; head to the Tiny Turtle for lunch or dinner. Then pop in to see the rest of Rick Piper’s work next door.

Last weeks #MuralMonday #BrevardMurals

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