#MuralMonday Jazzy’s in Cocoa Beach

Happy #MuralMonday! This week we are checking out the west side of Jazzy’s Mainely Lobster with the amazing surfing mural. Included in this mural on the lower right hand corner is the phrase Aloha Ke Akua which means the breath of life and the love of God (this is a rough translation & of course I had to google it)

Untitled design (2)

Since I know the south side of the building is the work of David Rothman, I am presuming he did the west side of the building too. If you want to see more of David’s work, find him on Instagram @davidrothmanart or https://www.instagram.com/davidrothmanart/  

Untitled design (1)

Make sure you drive, walk or bike by and check these out! While you are there; definitely grab something to eat too. They have some amazing food! I think they have the best crab cakes in town! They are located at 210 N Orlando Ave in Cocoa Beach, Florida. #ThinkSeafood Here is a link to their menu


I need your help! Murals like this one are pretty easy for me to find. Do you know of a cool one that is off the beaten path? I would love to hear about it in a comment below, send me a DM or give me a call/text 321.795.1854. Thank you in advance!!!

Last weeks #MuralMonday #BrevardMurals  https://wordpress.com/post/cocoabeachinsider.wordpress.com/287


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