Shiny Bird Car Wash Cocoa Beach #MuralMonday

Cocoa Beach Shiny Bird Mustang

Going…Going…(soon to be) Gone…

If you want to see this weeks #MondayMural, you better act quickly. I heard through the Facebook grapevine that the Shiny Bird Car Wash in Cocoa Beach could be torn down soon. Really?

Cocoa Beach Shiny Bird Woody

This car wash has been here as far back as I can remember (Tax records show it was built in 1964). Sure enough, I drove by and saw there is a chain link fence around the building. Google Maps has it marked permanently closed. So, I had to stop by and get some photos for an upcoming post before it was too late.


Cocoa Beach Shiny Bird car wash 520

Rick Shores (AKA The Bird Man) is the talented artist who painted this mural. He has done a number of buildings here in the Cocoa Beach area including Grahams Lounge, Grahams Smokehouse & I hear he is doing work in the only marina located in Cocoa Beach, Island Time Marina; which is located right next door to the Shiny Bird Car Wash. Rumor has it the owner of Island Time Marina will be leveling the car wash and making it a parking lot for his recently updated facility.

Do you have a mural you love in our area? Send me a picture or post it online with the #MondayMural or #BrevardMural hashtags!

Did you see last weeks mural? It can be found at the link below

#MuralMonday at Bruno’s Pizzeria

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