Walkable Communities in Brevard County Florida

Walkable Communities in Brevard County

The YouTube Video on Walkable Neighborhoods

I have been getting a lot of requests lately to live in a walkable community. What is a walkable community? This Washington Post article describes a walkable community as “A one-mile walk through a compact, walkable neighborhood takes residents past numerous businesses and shops. Comparatively, residents in sprawling, suburban neighborhoods would pass very few shops on a one-mile walk.” https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/where-we-live/wp/2017/10/09/walkable-neighborhoods-provide-health-environmental-and-financial-benefits/

I like to consider a walkable community that is either an easy walk (less than 6 blocks) or an easy bike ride (less than 2 miles). We have the good fortune of having these kinds of areas throughout Brevard County. In this article, I will let you know our top 8 walkable communities.

Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach has two sections of town I would classify as walkable. Downtown Cocoa Beach and the 520/Cocoa Beach Pier area. 

I talk a lot about Downtown Cocoa Beach. From Kelly Slater Park (where A1A splits) through 1st Street South (aka the Barmuda Triangle) you have it all. Shopping, restaurants, bars, Post Office, the library, various places to work out, and easy access to the beach. If you are living in any of the ocean front condos from Cocoa Isles south to 6th St South or the homes along A1A in this area, walking should be OK & a bike ride is definitely OK. If you live in the homes off Cocoa Isles Blvd or further North, probably a bike ride or walk one direction and Uber home. The Convair Cove area, Woodland, Brevard Ave, etc; walking should be OK & a bike ride is definitely OK. Anything on Minutemen past the schools would be an easy bike ride, long walk, or maybe Uber one way. I live in south Cocoa Beach & we bike downtown all the time. The times we walked, it was definitely an Uber or Trolley ride home. 

Home, condo, and townhome sales near downtown Cocoa Beach for 2021
Homes, condos, and townhome sales for 2021

520/Cocoa Beach Pier area. There is a hub of restaurants, shops, & bars along A1A between Wakulla Lane & 520 and from the Banana River to the ocean on 520. 1 mile north, there is another hub of restaurants, shops, & bars around the Cocoa Beach Pier. There are several parks between 520 & the Pier and easy access to the beaches. You have 2 grocery stores, 2 pharmacies, Ron Jons, and the Cocoa Beach Surf Company. 

You can choose from ocean-front condos and homes along Ocean Beach Blvd. You have homes on the crossroads between Ocean Beach Blvd & A1A. There are condos along the Banana River and in between the River & A1A. There are hundreds of homes on the west side of A1A and east of the River. There are a lot of options that allow an easy walk or bike ride to the shops, bars, and restaurants in this area.

Map view of the home and condo sales between 520 and the Cocoa Beach Pier in 2021
Home & Condos Sales between 520 and the Cocoa Beach Pier in 2021

Indian Harbour Beach

The Eau Gallie Causeway area beachside is a great walkable community. Canova Beach Park offers Brevard County’s 1st dog beach (if you have a dog, you are walking…why not walk them to the beach??) Your groceries/shopping is pretty easy with Winn Dixie & WalMart on the corner of A1A & Eau Gallie and a Publix on the corner of Eau Gallie and South Patrick Drive. You also have the Green Turtle gourmet market along this section of Eau Gallie. There are restaurants along A1A north & south of Eau Gallie and between the Indian River & Ocean along Eau Gallie. If you love live music, you have Lou’s Blues. If you want a nice park that is not on the beach, you have Gleason Park. If you want to have some of the best ice cream, visit the Fat Donkey on the corner of A1A & Eau Gallie. If you like to run or walk, the Eau Gallie Causeway is an excellent choice. Sunday mornings start at Oars & Paddles, cross the Mathers Bridge and run south Tropical Trail.

You have a wide range of living options near this area too. Direct ocean condos, oceanfront estate homes, or riverfront estate homes. There are townhomes, condos, and single-family homes between A1A and South Patrick Drive/Riverside Dr. There is a very diverse price range of properties here too. 

Indialantic/5th Ave is a cool location, starting with Nance Park on the ocean. There is a playground for the kiddos, pavilions for events, public restrooms, and volleyball courts. They have a boardwalk along the beach that is a few blocks long on either side of 192/5th ave. Plenty of beach access along Wave Crest Ave. Nance Park has several 5k’s throughout the year including the Turtle Krawl 5k. You have Sunrise Park on the ocean and Sunset Park on the River. Douglas Park on the Indian River is a great place to watch pelicans glide above the water. There are some great restaurants and shops along A1A & 192/5th Ave and you have a Publix located just a few blocks north of 192/5th Ave. 

Map view of the real estate sales near 5th ave in Indialantic in 2021
Home, condo, and townhome sales near 5th Ave Indialantic in 2021

Historic Downtown Melbourne is another cool location to consider off 192. The Indian River to the East to Babcock to the West and in between Fee Ave and the Crane Creek has a lot to offer. The Henegar Center for the arts and entertainment. Lots of places to eat & drink and a lot of shopping options too. Parks along the river…go kayaking on the Crane Creek…Since you are living near 192, the beach is a short ride to the east!

You can find some old homes from the early 1900s to brand new construction near Historic Downtown Melbourne.

Map view of the real estate sales near Historic Downtown Melbourne
Real estate sales near Historic Melbourne in 2021

EGAD aka the Eau Gallie Arts District is located between US1 and the Indian River along the Eau Gallie Causeway in Melbourne. There are probably more murals in this little section of town than any other place on the Space Coast. Lots of shops. Lots of restaurants and places to grab a drink. Old oak trees line the streets. There is the Pineapple Park on the river & Eau Gallie Square. Plus all the art galleries along Highland Ave to explore. 

Real estate sales around the Eau Gallie Arts Districe in Melbourne for 2021.
Real estate sales around EGAD in 2021

Historic Cocoa Village located between US 1 and the Indian River along 520 in Cocoa has a lot to offer. The Riverfront Park is a great place to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee and let the kiddos play. They also have events throughout the year (arts, crafts, car shows, live music, etc). The Cocoa Village Playhouse has shows throughout the year. Lots of restaurants/food options and places to find a beverage. Lots of shops to explore. Plus the tree-lined streets are amazing. 

Historic Downtown Titusville from Garden Street to South Street along US 1 to the river is another great place to explore. You have the old buildings and storefronts that I always love to check out with an assortment of restaurants & places to grab a beverage. The Titusville Playhouse has productions throughout the year. There is Space View Park & Sand Point Park along the river.

Map view of the real estate sales near historic downtown Titusville in 2021.
Real estate sales near Historic Downtown Titusville in 2021.

Viera was made to be a walkable community. This planned community was built with walking in mind since all the communities are connected by sidewalks, paths, and green spaces. The commercial areas that have the stores, shops, & restaurants are near the Avenues of Viera on Lake Andrews Drive and along Viera Blvd west of the Murrell intersection. Future sites will be near Lake Andrews Dr and Pineda. 

In my opinion, these are the top walkable communities in Brevard County. Are there other pockets that could be considered walkable? Yes! Probably more bikeable. Cape Canaveral for example does have a few pockets of restaurants and shops along A1A that have homes & condos that are close by. You can certainly ride your bike from any location in Cape Canaveral and within a 2-mile ride be at a restaurant or bar. The same holds true for Satellite Beach. What do you think?

If you would like more information on any of these areas of Brevard County, I am here to help. You can either call/text Eric Larkin with Real Brokers at 321.795.1854 or comment below

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