Discover The Hidden Gem Of Indialantic Florida

You love the idea of living near the beach and you are trying to decide which beach town is right for you? This post is all about the 10 things you need to know about Indialantic and living in the 32903

1- The 32903 is more than just the city of Indialantic. You have Indialantic’s city limits near the Melbourne Causeway. You have a section near the Eau Gallie Causeway that is actually the city of Melbourne. And you have the areas in between the city of Melbourne and the city of Indialantic that has an Indialantic address but is outside the city limits and is considered Brevard County.

Map view showing the 32903

2- I will be referring to Indialantic as a city, but the reality is that Indialantic likes to be referred to as a town. Population estimates are just over 3,000 people. If you like the sound of living in a small beach town, Indialantic needs to be on your list. Indialantic isn’t just small in population, it is also small in size at 1.3 square miles; making Indialantic the smallest beach town in Brevard County. I like the city limit signs for Indialantic by the Sea

city limit sign for the town of Indialantic by the sea

3-Property Taxes depend on where you live in the 32903. You are either 53KO, 5300, or 54SO. SO the millage rate (for 2022) will be 17.1069, 11.8066, or 16.9208 depending on where you are at in the 32903. The lower millage rate is because you are considered county and not within the city limits of a particular town/city. This link will take you to the Brevard County Property Appraiser’s website to see all the millage rates for the county.

4-If schools are important to you, here are the schools that are currently for the 32903. 

Elementary: Indialantic

Middle School: Hoover

High School: Melbourne High

Map view showing the schools for the 32903

Since school districts are always changing, I recommend you do research to confirm the schools for a particular address. One of the many sites available is to verify the schools and to see how they rank. 

5-If Parks are important to you, then you will be happy to see what is available in Indialantic and the 32903. You have Sunrise Park. You have Sunset Park. You have parks along the river. You have parks on the ocean. Parks with Playgrounds. Parks with Volleyball. Parks with Pavillions. 

6-Beach Access. You are probably looking along the A1A corridor because you want to be on or near the beach. There are quite a few options to get your toes in the sand! The parks on the east side of A1A all offer beach access. I really like Nance Park and all the parking and access points along Wave Crest Ave. Futch Park and Canova Beach Park also have parking near the beach access points. Some of the streets have limited parking with beach access. Most are just the access without parking like the one at Gross Pointe Ave. 

Beach access for Gross Pointe Ave in Indialantic Florida.

7-Shops & Restaurants-Inspite of having a smaller population & size…there are a lot of options in the 32903. You have Publix, Winn-Dixie & WalMart (technically the Winn-Dixie & Walmart are in the 32937 BUT they are south of Eau Gallie). There is an Ace Hardware & Dollar General. You have restaurants along the A1A corridor and along the Melbourne Causeway. The beauty of these restaurants, except for the fast food…they are all mom & pop-one of a kind restaurants. Looking for a new board? Definitely stop by Longboard House for your surfboards or Paddleboard House for a SUP.

8-Hurricanes and Flood Zones. Since you are on a barrier island, you are located in a mandatory evacuation area. If a hurricane is heading toward Florida, there is a chance that Brevard County and the Governor could call for an evacuation. Will they force you to evacuate? No. Just be aware IF you decide to stay and something happens; fire & rescue, the police, etc will not come to your rescue until the storm has passed &/or it is safe for them to do so. 

Most of the 32903 is considered Flood ZoneX which means flood insurance is not required. If you live East of A1A or on/near the river, you could be in a flood zone & flood insurance will be required if you have a mortgage on your property. FEMA has a great interactive map to do your research

9-Home owners insurance is higher in the 32903 compared to living on the mainland. The closer you are to the ocean, the higher your rates could be. A lot of the homes in the 32903 are also over 30 years old and it costs more to insure an older home compared to a newer home. Besides getting a home inspection, you will also need to have a wind mitigation report and 4 point inspection done on the home. The wind mit could help lower the cost of your insurance and the 4 point will be required for coverage. Just know that insurance anywhere in Florida has gotten expensive in 2021/2022 and this trend is continuing in 2023. Besides the hurricane claims from recent hurricanes, there have been a lot of insurance claims from hail damage. These higher claims have forced a lot of insurance providers out of the state of Florida and have caused rates to go up for everyone. Expect to pay at least $5,000 for coverage on a home in the 32903 (or anywhere on the A1A corridor)

10-There were just over 300 properties to sell in 2022 in the 32903 zip code. Most were single family homes (143) and condos (104). There were some townhomes/half duplexes (50). There were 5 duplexes. There is even a 55+ community in Indialantic. Here are the price ranges from 2022.

Single family homes ranged in price from $250K to $2.2M. They were built from 1930’s to new construction. They were dry lots, river-front, canal, gated, HOA, non-HOA, and direct ocean.

Condos ranged in price from $200K to $1.7M. They were built from 1950’s to new construction. Most were on the ocean with others near the A1A corridor.

Townhomes & half duplex from $300K to $830K. They were built from the 1960’s to new construction. Most were in an HOA. All were west of A1A. 

Duplex/multi family from $510K to $730K. They were built from the 1950’s to the 1980’s. They were all near the Melbourne Causeway/192. 

This link will take you to what is available today

If you are looking for a great beach community that is quaint and has a lot to offer, definitely look into the Indialantic area and the 32903. Do your recon and drive through some of the communities, down A1A, and Riverside Drive. Explore the parks. Peak at the ocean from the boardwalk near Nance Park. Besides everything already mentioned, the 32903 is located between 192 & the Eau Gallie Causeway offers easy access to either EGAD or Historic Downtown Melbourne. They also are direct connections to US1 and I-95. If you have any questions about this area or an upcoming move; let me know how I can help. Contact Eric Larkin with Real Broker, LLC by completing the form below. 

About the author:

Eric Larkin is a Broker Associate with Real Broker, LLC. He lives, works, and plays in the Cocoa Beach area. If you have questions about moving or relocating to Cocoa Beach and the Space Coast, let me know! I get calls, texts, direct messages & comments on my posts every day about the real estate market and things that are happening in Cocoa Beach and the Space Coast that I love answering. Ask me your questions on moving, relocating here, or anything about the community. I am here to help. I have been helping buyers and sellers with their real estate needs since becoming a real estate agent in 2003. My focus is always on helping, answering your questions, and doing everything possible to make certain you have a smooth transaction from beginning to end.

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