Canaveral Groves Living in Cocoa Florida

If you are doing your research for an upcoming move to the Space Coast and Canaveral Groves keeps coming up on the radar, this post is all about this section of Cocoa Florida.

Canaveral Groves is not a city or town, but a section of unincorporated Brevard County that is part of the 32926 zip code with a tiny section in the 32927, and Canaveral Groves is Cocoa Florida.

map view showing the Canaveral Groves area and the major roads are labled.

I would describe this area as rural. Not really farm living, even though you will see horses, goats, and chickens. Living in Canaveral Groves is definitely country living. What I mean by this is most of the lots are an acre or more. There is a lot of space between the homes. Most of the roads are paved, but there are sections of Canaveral Groves that are gravel roads. Most of the homes are on septic. Surprisingly, most of the homes are on city water. Not surprisingly, most of the homes are not in an HOA. 

There are 2 HOA communities in the Canaveral Groves area is also the section of Canaveral Groves. Summer Breeze Plantation and Veronica Estates. 

map view showing the 2 HOA communities in the Canaveral Groves area.

So, if you are looking for space, Canaveral Groves could be an ideal location for you to consider. 

Since this area is part of Cocoa Florida, not a definitive city or town, they share the zip codes 32926 & 32927 with other parts of Cocoa, and “Canaveral Groves” is not part of every legal description, getting some good stats on the type of homes in the area were hard to come by. I could not do a search through public records for housing info and I am relying on sales in our MLS. 

In 2022, there were 63 sales in Canaveral Groves. They ranged in size from 900 SqFt to over 4000 SqFt. They were built between 1979 and new construction. The median year built was 1993. Most of the lots were 1 acre. 12 of the sales were over 2 acres. 2 were under ½ acre. Sales prices are between $155K to $769K with the median price at $465K

map view showing the sales in the canaveral groves area.

If you are looking for raw land, Canaveral Groves has options. You can buy in an area where there are existing homes and utilities are available to build a home. You can buy land that is currently unbuildable and some that are landlocked with no road access (future growth) If you see lots online for sale for $5K an acre, more than likely they are landlocked with no road access and no utilities.

dirt road in Canaveral Groves with raw land

See whats available in the Canaveral Groves Area

No matter where you live in Florida, please verify if you are in Flood Zone X and if flood insurance is required. Even though there are quite a few areas of Canaveral Groves that are not in a flood zone, there are quite a few areas that are in a flood zone. Please verify with the FEMA maps on the location. When you do purchase a home, make certain to ask for an elevation certificate when you have the survey drawn. 

If schools are important to you, here are the schools currently zoned for the Canaveral Groves area. 

Elementary school: Fairglen Elementary

Middle School and High School: Cocoa Jr/Sr high school 

map view showing the schools for the Canaveral Groves area.

Always verify the school zones to the property address online with one of the many sites available. These sites are also great to see how the school rankings are too.

Since you are in unincorporated Brevard, property taxes are much lower in the Canaveral Groves area. 2022 millage rates show the taxes to be 12.2524

screenshot from the brevard county property appraiser site showing the millage rate for the canaveral groves area.

As I mentioned, the Canaveral Groves area is rural. There is a gas station/convenience store on the Grissom/Canaveral Groves intersection. Otherwise, you will be driving for almost everything else. Publix and WalMart are south of 528 near Clearlake Road. There is a Publix and Winn Dixie on US1 north of Canaveral Groves Blvd. You can venture further north to Titusville for another Walmart, Target, Lowes, & Home Depot.

Canaveral Groves is a great location if you are working at the Space Center or anywhere in Titusville. It’s a pretty easy drive to the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station or Port Canaveral. If your job is in Melbourne or further south…you will have a drive. 

As you are doing your research for your new home in Brevard County and you are looking for a larger lot, Canaveral Groves is certainly an area I recommend looking into. You get the acre plus lots, with plenty of space between you & your neighbor, without the restrictions you could see in either an HOA community or living inside the city limits. If you have any questions about Canaveral Groves or an upcoming move; let me know how I can help. Contact Eric Larkin with Real Broker, LLC by completing the form below. 

About the author:

Eric Larkin is a Broker Associate with Real Broker, LLC. He lives, works, and plays in the Cocoa Beach area. If you have questions about moving or relocating to Cocoa Beach and the Space Coast, let me know! I get calls, texts, direct messages & comments on my posts every day about the real estate market and things that are happening in Cocoa Beach and the Space Coast that I love answering. Ask me your questions on moving, relocating here, or anything about the community. I am here to help. I have been helping buyers and sellers with their real estate needs since becoming a real estate agent in 2003. My focus is always on helping, answering your questions, and doing everything possible to make certain you have a smooth transaction from beginning to end.

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