Titusville Florida Pros And Cons

Every city & town you live in has things you love and things you hate…Titusville is no exception. This post will be all about the Pros and the Cons of Titusville Florida.

Let’s start with the pros of Titusville. There is the accessibility of the city. Located at the north end of Brevard County, you have US1 on the East side of town, and is a good connector going North & South. You have I-95 on the West side of town and is another great connector going North & South. If you are looking for easy access to Orlando, you can either connect to Hwy 50 or use the 407 to connect to the Beachline (aka 528). This is an excellent location if you are working at the Space Center.

Thriving commercial properties. Downtown Titusville has new businesses coming in and the older businesses have been thriving. The Titusville Playhouse is in its 58th season. The other commercial areas are also thriving. I’ve stopped into Lowe’s & Home Depot and they seem busy. The Publix on Cheney Highway is always busy. There is the Titus Landing outdoor mall on US1.  One of my favorite places to see a movie is at the Epic theaters in Titus Landing.

Amazing parks in and near Titusville! The Enchanted Forest is a great place to hike and see “natural” Florida. Fox Lake is a great place for a gathering or to launch your small boat on the lake for some fishing. All the parks on the river along US1. Across the bridge, you have the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge one of the best places to explore if you want to see migratory birds, Florida wildlife, and places to launch a kayak or go fishing.

Large selection of places to live. You have homes, condos, townhouses, & manufactured homes. You have a large range of prices too. From the affordable under $200K for a single family house to well over $1M. You have city lots & you have acre plus lots. You can live on a golf course or on the Intracoastal. Same with condos. A large variety of price points from under $100K to over $1M with new construction options.

Let’s discuss some of the cons of Titusville. In my opinion, there are only a couple.

Crime in Titusville. If you ask me if Titusville (or any city) is safe…I am going to tell you that is a personal answer that I cannot answer for you. If you ask about crime in an area, I will direct you back to the local police department &/or Sherrif’s department. I will also recommend you check out some online resources like these sites:




Crimegrade.org gives Titusville a B+ on their site with violent crimes getting a C.

Bestplaces.net gives Titusville a crime rating that is higher than the US average.

Neighborhood Scout says Titusville is safer than 13% of the rest of the Country.

There were a few headlines in 2022 about shootings and a drug bust in Titusville. With that said,

I have family that lives in Titusville. I have friends that live in Titusville. They haven’t mentioned to me any issues where they live. I have always felt comfortable around their homes and showing property throughout Titusville. 

I love going to the beach. Titusville isn’t exactly close to a beach. The closest beach is Playlinda Beach & you have to pay for access. The next closest beach is Cape Canaveral and there’s a little bit of a drive.

Another * on the location is IF you are working anywhere other than the Space Center or south of Cocoa Florida…It will be a drive. It’s also a drive if you are doing things outside of the city of Titusville. Besides the beach, Rockledge, Melbourne, or Viera is a bit of a drive. Palm Bay is a haul. I do like how easy it is to get to the Orlando airport from Titusville and the Orlando attractions.

What do you think…do the pros outweigh the cons of Titusville? Do you have any questions about Titusville or an upcoming move to the Space Coast? I would love to hear from you and the opportunity to help. Simply leave a message or complete the form below.

About the author:

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