Titusville Florida Things You Need To Know

Planning a move to Florida and the city of Titusville keeps popping up on the radar? This post will introduce you to Brevard County’s 3rd largest city, Titusville.

As crazy as it sounds, Titusville’s name was decided by a game of dominoes….Originally called Sandy Point when established in 1859. Henry T Titus, whose wife’s family-owned land in the area; challenged Captain Clark Rice to a game of dominoes with the winner picking the name. Titus won the game and renamed Sandy Point to Titusville. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Titusville,_Florida

Titusville is located toward the north end of Brevard County and is Brevard County’s 2nd oldest city. Southern boundaries are the Kings Highway. Eastern boundaries are the Indian River. Northern Boundaries Parrish Road. And the west boundaries are on the west side of 95 near Fox Lake and South Lake.

Titusville is divided into two zip codes. 32780 to the south and 32796 to the north. When you look at the area of these two zip codes, you can see how much of the Titusville area is in this area. It stretches to the east over the Indian River and into the Kennedy Space Center. It also stretches to the east/southeast towards the St John’s River between Highway 50 and 528.

Titusville is referred to as the gateway to space & when looking at a map or looking across the river, you can see why. The Kennedy Space Center is right there. I have yet to see a launch from the Titusville area, but there are plenty of places to view one. Find a spot on the Indian River. Go to Space View Park near Garden Street & the Max Brewer Bridge. Walk to the top of the Max Brewer Bridge for this amazing vantage point. 

Titusville’s growth and success are tied to the Space Program. Most of the homes in Titusville were built during the beginning of the Space Race from 1950s to 1980. When the Challenger explosion happened in January 1986, the economy and housing market changed drastically in Titusville (& a lot of Brevard County) Fast forward to 2023 and you will see that Titusville is a vibrant city once again thanks to everything happening with the Space Program. SpaceX is launching rockets almost every week. ULA continues to launch rockets throughout the year. We had the return to crewed spaceflight in 2022. And recently a newcomer to the space race, Relativity, launched their first rocket. The amazing thing about Relativity is that 85% of the components were printed on a 3D printer.

Drive along US1 near city hall and you will see the old buildings being updated. You will see new businesses opening. The architecture in this area reminds me of a different era with street parking and storefronts. Titusville Playhouse is celebrating its 58th season as the cultural and live-entertainment hub of North Brevard. See what productions are coming up here https://titusvilleplayhouse.com/

The commercial district along US1 certainly is an important part of the Titusville economy. The city is set up with commercial space throughout Titusville, mostly on the main thoroughfares connecting the east and west. Garden St, South St, and Cheney Hwy (aka 50) are where most of the retail, restaurants, offices, and entertainment are located. I recommend experiencing a movie at the Epic Theaters in Titus Landing. Dixie Crossroads is a staple of Titusville and I recommend enjoying a meal and beverage at Playlinda Brewing Company Brix Project in south Titusville. 

Titusville has a good selection of grocery stores too. You have 2 Publix, a Winn Dixie, an Aldi, 2 Save-A-Lots, Super WalMart, Super Target, Lowes, & a Home Depot. If Starbucks is important to you, they have one of those too.

I believe we have some amazing options for parks & recreation throughout Brevard County, which includes Titusville. You have parks along the Indian River that have playgrounds, pavilions, and places to fish or launch a boat. You have parks like the Enchanted Forest with trails to hike and discover wildlife. Fox Lake Park with pavilions, volleyball, a playground, and a boat ramp.

There is the Florida Greenway and Trails that connect Titusville to the Coast-to-Coast trail, St. John’s River-to-Sea Loop, and East Coast Greenway. The Coast-to-Coast trail is a 250-mile trail that links Titusville with St. Petersburg. The St. Johns River-to-Sea Loop is a 260-mile long trail that merges with the East Coast Greenway, which is one-third complete along its 2,900-mile route from Maine to Florida. More info can be found here:


Playlinda Beach and the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge are both accessible through Titusville and both should be checked out! Since you have to drive through the Space Center to get to either, it is dependent on rocket launch schedules for access. Playlinda Beach is a rustic beach experience. There are restrooms near the parking areas. Other than that, if you want to enjoy some food or beverages while at the beach, you will need to bring it. There aren’t any stores, bars, or restaurants at Playlinda. Rember your sunscreen!! Something else to note on Playlinda…parking lot 13 is an unofficial clothing-optional section of the beach…you might see more than you bargained for… https://www.nps.gov/cana/planyourvisit/fees.htm 

The Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge is 140,000 acres of natural undeveloped Florida. They do have paved roads for easier access. They also have dirt roads that meander along the Indian River. There is a long list of potential critters you could come across inside the park.

Are you a golfer? Titusville has several golf courses in the area. La Cita country club is open to the public & membership. The Great Outdoors RV Park offers to golf to the public, residents, and members. Willow Lakes in North Titusville has a 9-hole course open to the public and residents of the community.

If you have kiddos, then schools are important to you. Here are the schools in the Titusville area. 

Elementary Schools: Apollo, Coquina, Imperial Estates, Oak Park, and South Lake

Middle Schools: Jackson and Madison

High Schools: Titusville and Astronaut

Since school districts are always changing along with the school ratings, I recommend you do your research to confirm the schools to your address and what the current ratings are on sites like these:

SchoolDigger.com  | SchoolSparrow.com  GreatSchools.org

Property taxes in the Titusville area depends on where you live. If you are in the city limits of Titusville, the millage rate for 2022 is 17.7534. If you are outside the city limits, the millage rate for 2022 is 12.5829. To see what the current rate is for Titusville, or anywhere in Brevard County, visit the Brevard Property Appraisal website https://www.bcpao.us/TaxRoll.aspx?t=3.1 

Since I speak to a lot of people that are relocating to the area. Titusville is a great choice if you are working at the Space Center (SpaceX, Blue Origin, NASA, Relativity to name a few)  Boeing has a facility off US1. Lockheed Martin has a facility in Titusville. Embrear has a facility in Titusville. 

See what is for sale in the Titusville area https://www.ericlarkin.com/titusville

Here is a breakdown of the real estate prices in the Titusville area. In 2022 there were over 1200 properties to sell in Titusville through our MLS (stats were pulled 3.27.2023)

98 townhomes sold between $85K and $410K with a median price of $182,500. They were built between 1964-2019.

196 condos sold between $43K and $1.350M with a median price of $200K. They were built between 1968 and new construction. 

869 homes sold between $52K and $1.450M with a median price of $310K. They were built between 1910 and new construction. Most of the homes are on city water and sewer. Most of the homes are on lots between .17 and .30 acres. There were 60+ on 1+ acre lots. Most of the homes are not in an HOA. 

I hope this information helps with your research on Titusville and the Space Coast. If you have any questions, give Eric Larkin with Real Broker, LLC a call 321.795.1854 or leave a message below.

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