What beach should I go to?

Memorial Day is almost here…Beach Season is in full swing here in Cocoa Beach! A question I hear from time to time is: “What beach should I head out to?”

It’s a pretty easy question if you live in the Cocoa Beach area…it’s usually the closest to your home. What if you are either visiting, new to the area or just don’t head to the beach very often and you just want to get your toes in the sand (which I recommend you to often) So if you are heading towards the Cocoa Beach area and you are wondering “Which beach should I head towards?” It really depends on what you plan on doing and how you plan on visiting our Cocoa Beach shoreline.

The Minimalist
If you are the type of person who only needs a towel &/or chair to have a great day on the beach…any public access from Jetty Park to Patrick Air Force Base will do! We are fortunate to have beautiful sandy beaches in the Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral area that are easy to get to. Most streets heading east end at a beach boardwalk. (If the street nds at a hotel or condo; the beach access is private)

Some facilities please
Do you like to have a bathroom near by? Maybe a shower to rinse off at? Have a pavilion or picnic table to use during the day? Life guard stations important? Then check out Lori Wilson Park, Jetty Park or Alan Shepard Park.

Pampering required
You really do not like taking a cooler with you. You want to be able to order a drink and either take it to the beach or have it delivered to you. (by drink; I mean a beer, mai tai, pina colada, etc. Of course waters and sodas too). Food options close by too. Well you cannot go wrong visiting the Cocoa Beach Pier, The Sand Bar at 520, or one of the great bars or restaurants off Minuteman Causeway like Coconuts on the Beach, The Beach Shack or Fat Kahunas! I recommend walking west on Minuteman Causeway to eat at the Tiny Turtle.


Parking in Cocoa Beach is limited on busy beach days. If you find a parking spot near any of the beach access streets; they will have parking meters. The cost is $2 per hour. Most of the spaces have a central meter. You can pay with cash, coin or a credit card. There is even an app available. Parking passes are available. $10 year for residents and $60 a year for non residents. Information about the passes and pay stations are available on the city website http://www.cityofcocoabeach.com/185/Parking
Lori Wilson park is free to park (unless there is an event going on)
Alan Shepard Park and Sydney Fisher Park costs $15 a day to park
Jetty Park charges $5 per day for a car if you are a Brevard County Resident. $15 per day for non residents. Buses, RV’s and Annual Pass information can be found on their website https://www.portcanaveral.com/APAP

Remember this if you decide to go to the beach
Most beaches are swim at your own risk. Life Guard stations are only at the park locations. Hydrate often. No matter what you are drinking; have water too.
Use lots of sunscreen. The Florida sun will burn you.
Wear a hat. This is very important to me since I have no hair.
Glass containers and glass bottles are not allowed on the beach.
Alcohol is allowed in Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral. Just remember; drinking in the sun will creep up on you. Eat food and drink water too.
Dogs are not allowed on the beach.
Leave only your footprints. Pick up all of your trash. There are trash cans at the end of the boardwalks. If they are full, put it in the trunk of your car and throw it away at home please.


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