Lightning Strikes

There are two types of people in this world. Those who sleep soundly through the night and those who do not. It also seems that these two types of people are attracted to each other…Yin and Yang…Just ask any couple you know; one gets to sleep easily and soundly through the night and the other one listens to the sound sleeper a good portion of the night. I am fortunate to be a sound sleeper. My head hits the pillow & I am out until my alarm goes off. As you can guess, my wife does not have this gift. I hear about my snoring, puffing and other unique sounds I make through the night on some mornings. If I am exceptionally loud,  and the nudge & “roll over” command does not work; I might be woken up to try and reset my sleeping noise cycle.When this happens, I might be a little grumpy and upset I won’t be able to get back to sleep; and then (like magic) I am back in my slumber and usually do not remember this happening.

Lightning 1


Last week Susan woke me and said I needed to go out front and see the light show. Really; a “light show”??? I would rather sleep…I also know that if I took a few minutes to see the show, I could do just that…go back to sleep…It was 2 a.m. & we should be sleeping; right? So a quick sleepy stupor walk out front and I should be back to bed in no time (or so I thought). Stepping out front, there was a large cloud off in the distance putting off a ton of lightning. No thunder, so it must have been some distance away. OK…this might be worth getting up for. Starting to wake up a little more; I know that I should grab my camera, tripod and thank my wife.

Lightning couple

(This is my wife & I)

I was setting up in the front yard & Susan recommended we walk to the beach to enjoy the light show. Definitely the right call. I only recently started experimenting with long exposure shots and did not want the street lights or random car going down the street to mess with the long exposure settings/experiment. My camera is the Nikon D3300. A good basic DSLR camera that I have been having a lot of fun using. I recently discovered an app that allows me to take pictures remotely and will minimize the camera shakes during these long exposure type of photos. After a few experimental shots (& realizing the muggy night on the beach was fogging up my lens regularly) I ended up with these settings on the pictures: ISO 100 f4 30 second exposure with my 18-55mm lens opened as wide as it would go.

Lightning 3

Needless to say; I was very happy to be awakened to watch the lightning show over the ocean. I was also surprised to see so many other people up and about. We passed one house where their garage was open, music playing and he was working on his car (glad he was not our neighbor). We saw several people taking a night time walk on the beach. I am presuming to see the light show or to try and spot a sea turtle coming a shore to nest. As we were leaving the beach, a group of 6 or 8 were heading to the sandy shores with their cameras and tripod to capture a few shots too. Add tonights experience to another reason Why Brevard is a great place to be.

Lightning flashlight

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