Land Lover

Land lover

I always consider this to mean someone who is more comfortable on the land. Someone not used to being on a boat. Someone who has very little knowledge of boating. These are all good descriptions of me. I am also learning that is not the correct term. It is actually landlubber. I certainly will not use the term “lubber” to describe myself. The original definition is: A clumsy or stupid person. (I am not clumsy) I can agree with the more modern definition of landlubber: “ a person who knows very little or nothing about the sea or ships : a person who is not a sailor”-This is the Mirriam Webster definition and a very accurate description of me!

I have never been a person to go on a boat regularly. I have nothing against boating and, for the most part, enjoyed my time when invited to go out boating. I had some friends growing up that had boats and we would hit the river and go wakeboarding. My in-laws both had boats when Susan & I first started dating. We did the family outing either on Barbara’s sailboat (which was really fun) or on Roger’s boat (which I seemed to be the curse and there was always a mishap with the engine the days I went out) I do know that I prefer a lake or river since I am prone to motion sickness. There has been a couple of deep sea fishing trips that had high seas and didn’t end well.

Baby steps

Well, this is all about to change. My awesome wife knows my limitations on the water and did a lot of research to find the right vessels. Susan & I just got our first boat (kind of). We recently joined the kayaking family and have two 12’ sit on top fishing kayaks. We chose this particular craft because of its stability and recommendations for beginner “Yakkers”; I am learning the lingo. I am also learning we have live in an ideal location for kayaking (& of course stand up paddle boards).

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Our inaugural trip out was from Ramp Road in Cocoa Beach. As we were getting the kayaks ready to launch, there was a group of 4 getting ready to do the same thing. They must have sensed my “landlubberness” and helped us launch safely and wished us luck on our maiden voyage out. We ventured north/northwest on the Banana River amongst the mangrove islands. It was exciting to see all the other yakkers and SUPS on the waterway. We did not see any dolphin or manatee, but we did see a lot of birds (ospreys, cranes and pelicans).

There is so much to discover just from ramp road, I cannot wait to get back out. I have heard there are mangrove tunnels to explore and this time of year we have the bioluminescence to experience.I am looking forward to exploring more of our waterways. I hear that KARS park in Merritt Island is amazing. I want to launch from Oars & Paddles to see the water view of Dragons Point. If you love to kayak or take your SUP out, let me know your favorite spots to check out.

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