Roberto’s Little Havana restaurant in Cocoa Beach

Robertos Little Havana

Depending on your driving habits, you may or may not have ever seen this particular #muralmonday. It is just before downtown Cocoa Beach and there is a lot to pay attention to on this stretch of A1A/Orlando Avenue. A lot of traffic, parallel parking on both sides of the street, beachgoers that are coming or going to the beach, the bike lane, cars entering traffic…even during the week there is a lot going on. But, if you are one of the pedestrians, bicyclists or maybe you have eaten at Roberto’s Little Havana…you have seen this mural before. I highly recommend treating yourself to one of the best breakfast spots in Cocoa Beach and checking out this artwork on the north side of the building. If you do go for breakfast; I recommend you try the surfer special…yellow rice with black beans topped with eggs how you like them (over easy please!) OR try the Ropa omelet which is a slow cooked Cuban style beef inside a huge 3 egg omelet. Curious to see what else they serve? Here is a link to their menu Roberto’s Little Havana Menu

robertos signature

I had trouble making out the signature and have not been able to find out did the painting. If you know, please let me know in a comment below or send me a private message.

Roberto’s Little Havana restaurant is located at 26 N Orlando Ave in Cocoa Beach, Florida. They are open 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Parking can be tough depending on the day of the week and your timing. If you cannot find a spot along A1A, they do have 8-10 spots on the west side of the restaurant.

Keeping up with #MuralMonday? Here is a link to last weeks post:

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