Twin Finnegans in Cocoa Beach

This week #MuralMonday takes me 3 doors down from my Cocoa Beach office. Love the wave. Hate not seeing any cars in front of this business. Twin Finnegans has been closed since Hurricane Irma came through town and is very close to opening its doors again! In case you didn’t know, Twin Finnegans is owned by a long time Cocoa Beach resident & is an old high school friend, Erik Fifer. If you went to Cocoa Beach High School in the 80’s you should know Erik. If you ever ate at Taco City during the 80’s & 90’s there is a good chance he made your meal. He is a good guy that loves to surf and had a dream to open a bar here in Cocoa Beach for a long time. He opened Twin Finnegans Dec 31, 2015. Rumor has it Fifer & crew will be open on Saturday carrying on their annual St Patty’s day street party tradition. If this is true, make certain to stop by, have a pint or two and show this local business some support. In the weeks to come, be on the lookout for the bar itself opening!


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Last weeks #MuralMonday #BrevardMurals

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