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You are planning a move somewhere in Brevard County and Cocoa Beach keeps popping up in your research. This post is all about one of the best-selling communities in Cocoa Beach, Cocoa Isles. This subdivision is bigger than you might think. An easy point of reference is Cocoa Isles Boulevard, which makes sense; that is always the first section of Cocoa Beach that pops in my head when someone refers to Cocoa Isles. The reality is Cocoa Isles is spread out from behind Publix at Banana River Square to 4th St North. The Cocoa Beach Country Club area even has Cocoa Isles in the legal description (but that will be covered in another post). This post is about the 4 areas called Cocoa Isles that make up about 20% of the home sales in Cocoa Beach.

map view of Cocoa Beach showing where the Cocoa Isles are at.
Map view showing the Cocoa Isles

Cocoa Isles 11th (Cape Royal) Addn Phase 2 and 3 

Saint Croix Ave, Andros Ave, and S Banana River Blvd.

Not too catchy of a name when looking at the legal description, but this is the northern section of Cocoa Isles in Cocoa Beach that is located behind the Publix at Banana River Square. There are 90 home sites in this area and is almost completely built out (there are still 3 vacant lots in this section of town). They started building homes here in 1968 with most of them built by 1990. There are several homes built in the 2000’s with at least one home being built today (November 2021)

There is a bench overlooking the Banana River on the west end of S Banana River Blvd
The west end of S Banana River Blvd is an unofficial park in Cocoa Beach

Compared to other areas of Cocoa Beach, I would consider the homes here to be larger (over 2000SqFt) You can also find some of the largest homes in Cocoa Beach here (6000+SqFt). All the homes are either on a canal or direct river. Most of the lots are at least .25 acre and there are several that are over .50 acres. The last 12 months (October 2020 to October 2021) there were 5 sales ranging from $799K to $1.5M

Cocoa Isles 3rd Addn Sec A, Sec B & Sec C; 5th Addn, 7th Addn, and 9th Addn A & B

Bimini Rd, Jamaica Dr, Bahama Blvd, and Antigua Dr. Brevard Rd connects Bahama & Antigua

These 5 streets are located across the street from the Cocoa Beach Hilton & Lori Wilson Park and the 146 home sites are completely built out. Homes here started to be built in 1961 with most of the homes built by 1968. There are a few newer homes with the most recent being completed in 2013. These home sites are almost all on a canal with the homes on the west end being on the river. There are a dozen homes on Antigua that are dry lots. Most of the homes are 1600-2000 SqFt in size with some that are over 4000 SqFt. Lot sizes range from 9500 SqFt (.21 acres) up to 14810 SqFt (.33 acres). The last 12 months (October 2020 to October 2021) there were 13 sales ranging from $485K to $1.19M

Cocoa Isles 6th Addn & 8th Addn

Capri Rd, Curacua Dr, Cyprus Dr, Formosa Dr, and N 4th St

I personally consider this the unofficial north section of Convair Cove, but these 5 streets are part of the Cocoa Isles with 110 home sites. Homes here started to be built in 1960 with most of the homes being built in the 60’s. The most recent home was completed in 2013. The homes along the south side of N 4th st and the northside of Capri Rd are on a canal and the homes on the west-side of Capri are river front homes. The rest of the homes in this section are all dry lots. Home sizes range from 1240SqFt to over 3000SqFt and are on lots that are 8712 SqFt (.20 acre) to 15,246SqFt (.35 acres)

Cocoa Isles 2nd Addn, 4th Addn, 10th Addn, & 12th Addn

Cocoa Isles Blvd, Samar Rd, Santa Cruz Rd, Trinidad Rd, Bali Rd, Bermuda Rd, Java Rd & Nassau Rd

When I refer to Cocoa Isles, 99% of the time, I am referring to this section of town. It is a big community with 236 home sites that is completely built out. You have HUGE homes on the river. You have modest sized home on dry lots. You have a variety of other homes throughout that are on the river, on a canal, or on dry lots. The first home built in Cocoa Isles was in 1958 with most of the homes being built in the 1960’s & 70’s. Newer homes that have been built in the 2000’s with at least one home being finished as I am writing this post. The lot size range from the smaller size 8712 SqFt (.20 acres) to 20,038 SqFt (.46 acres)

Cocoa Isles Park is a playground run by the city of Cocoa Beach
Cocoa Isles Park

This section of Cocoa Beach has a  city park on the corner of Cocoa Isles Blvd and Samar Rd and also has an entrance to the Maritime Hammock Preserve on Cocoa Isles Blvd behind the Space Coast Credit Union. There are at least two 5ks that use the streets of Cocoa Isles for their foot races; the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning and the Lucky Leprechaun around St Patricks day. 

The Cocoa Beach turkey trot 5k finish line
Thats me approaching the finish line to the Turkey Trot 5K

If schools are important to you, here is where the kiddos will be going. If you live north of Holiday Lane in Cocoa Beach, Cape View Elementary is your school for PK-6th Grade. If you live on Holiday Lane or South, Roosevelt Elementary is your school for PK-6th Grade. No matter where you live in Cocoa Beach & Cape Canaveral, Cocoa Beach Junior/Senior High School is your school for 7th-12th grade.

google map view of Cocoa Beach. If you live north of Holiday Lane, your children will attend Cape View pk-6th grade. South goes to Roosevelt
Map of Cocoa Beach showing the border to Roosevelt and Cape View

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